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Recipe for sensitive cats

Cats that suffer from food intolerance require a special feeding regimen in which the number of foods is reduced to a minimum.

Low fat recipes for cats

If the food has to be as lean as possible and your cat has to eat again quickly, you can also prepare the food yourself. We have briefly summarised what you need to pay attention to.

Light food recipe for dogs

Home made light food - a good alternative to commercial light food and ideal for especially sensitive dogs. What needs to be considered and what should be avoided?

Cooking for puppies

Homemade cooked food for a puppy is no problem. With a suitable mineral powder and calculated recipes by Futtermedicus it works out!

BARF for puppies made easy

Feeding puppies the right way from the beginning with our Vitamin Optimix Puppy & Junior and suitable recipes from Futtermedicus.

Recipe for dogs with liver disease

Does your dog need a liver-friendly diet? A homemade diet can be a tasty alternative. With our Vitamin Optimix Hepatic you can supplement the feed with all necessary nutrients.

Recipes for dogs with kidney disease

Do you need an alternativ to a convenience kidney diet? With Vitamin Optimix Renal you can prepare a tasty protein and phosphorus reduced kidney diet for your dog by yourself.

BARF recipes for dogs without bones

Tasty recipes consisting of meat, innards, vegetables and fruit, oils and our Vitamin Optimix Barf Plus Calcium.

Recipes for cooked dog food without bones

Tasty recipes consisting of meat, innards, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit, oils and our Vitamin Optimix Cooking.

Recipes for cats with kidney disease

Cats with kidney disease often have a lack of appetite; they refuse to eat a kidney friendly diet and they lose weight quickly. A home cooked diet can be a tastier alternative.

A raw diet for cats made easy

To offer your meat-loving cuddly tiger a tasty alternative to prepared food – Vitamin Optimix Feline