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Recipes for cats with kidney disease

There is often a lack of appetite in cats with kidney disease; they refuse a kidney diet and lose weight quickly. A kidney diet that is self-cooked can be a tasty alternative.

The meat given should be predominantly muscle meat with a high fat content. Goose or duck meat, fatty beef (high rib, head meat, rib) or cooked/fried pork are ideally suited. Fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel is permissible once per week.

In order to keep the protein and phosphorus content of the diet as low as possible, carbohydrates and fat are an indispensable additional energy source. The simplest way is to mix flakes, such as potato or rice flakes under the meat. To prepare the flakes mix them with a good amount of water at a ratio of 1:4.

As a source of fat several oils can be used, such as our Optisolo Omega 3 Salmon Oil capsules, as well as animal fats like butter or lard. One teaspoon of oil or fat is equivalent to about 3-5g.

Vegetables mainly serve as a source of fiber. Carrots, cucumbers or zucchini are often well accepted by cats, especially when finely grated or pureed. Baby food with pure vegetables is also a good option.

Our mineral powder Vitamin Optimix Feline offers the right ration needed and balances the cat food with all minerals and vitamins. 

Protein and phosphorus reduced recipe suggestion for cats with kidney disease (daily amount in gram):

body weight (kg)

         muscle meat         (muscle meat)


          carbohydrates        (dry weight)


Vitamin Optimix Feline*

2.5 – 3.5

40  60

15  20

5.l0 – 6.0

2.5  3

0.6  0.8


60  70

20  25

6.0 – 7.0

3.5  4

0.8  0.9

5 – 6

70  80

25  30

7.0 – 9.0

4.5  5.0

1.0  1.1

7 – 8

85  100

30  35

9.0 – 12.0

5.5  6.5

1.2 – 1.3

*Ein Messlöffel (gestrichen) entspricht ca. 1,0 g.

*one measuring spoon (leveled) corresponds to approx. 1.0 g

We wish you a lot of fun with feeding your cat! If you have any questions or would like to make an individual change to the recipe, we will be happy to help! Please note that questions by phone and mail are chargeable after consultation.


image credits:, #78846584, © Anatolii

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