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BARF profile for the dog

The BARF profile is becoming increasingly popular, but can it ensure that my dog is sufficiently nourished with the current ration?

When food is not tolerated

Learn about the mechanisms that cause food intolerances in dogs and cats and what options there are to counteract them.

Support for joint problems

As your dog gets older, it's common for their joints to get a little sore. We give you a few tips on how you can support your dog's joints.

Support of the intestinal function

With certain fibres you can support your pet's gut in its normal function if the gut microbiome is out of balance.
Rice is becoming increasingly important in dog and cat nutrition. Especially for seniors and as a delicious source of energy.

Ration calculation? Yes!

Despite having a large and carefully selected variety in the bowl, the ration does not automatically have to meet the needs.

minerals and vitamins for BARFing

The nutrient supplementation options in a BARF feeding for adult dogs are diverse. Our overview of the different variants should make it easier for you to choose.

If the new feed is not accepted

Again and again it happens that our four-legged friends do not accept their new food immediately. We would like to give you a few tips that you can try out with fussy animals.

Fat contents of meat varieties

The daily calorie intake in a BARF ration is largely through meat. Knowing the fat content can be helpful when choosing a meat variety for your pet.

Carbohydrates in focus

In this article, we would like to specifically address the use of high-carbohydrate feeds in home-prepared dog food and what to look for when preparing them.

Oils 101 - What you need to know!

Do our four-legged friends need oils in their food? And if so, are special varieties necessary? Are there oils that are less suitable for dogs & cats? Read more about this in our little oil guide.

Feed conversion the gentle way

When is a sudden feed conversion possible and when do you have to change the diet carefully? What could you do to get a cat used to a new diet successfully?

Skin and coat – what the diet can do

Shiny, good smelling fur is a sign of great health. Find out more about which nutrients have an influence on the normal function of skin and fur.

Wheat – valuable or cheap filler?

The myths about the grain – Is there any truth in the statements “wheat makes fat, wheat is cancer-causing and allergy-supporting”?

Feeding fruit and vegetables

Fill the bowl with fresh fruit & vegetables in a delicious and sensible way. Which varieties are compatible and how should they be prepared? What to do with picky pets?

Carnivore or grass eater?

Earth and gras eating - how normal is this in dogs? In this article, we would like to explain to you when it is too much and how to remedy the situation.