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Low fat recipes for cats

If your cat's pancreas is damaged, it is very important that the food offered is as lean as possible in terms of fat content and that your cat eats again quickly.

When choosing meat, you must look for low-fat varieties. Beef tartare, lean cooked pork cutlet, veal or even chicken and turkey breast are suitable for this. You can find more varieties in our overview of the fat content of meats. Lean fish such as Alaska pollack or cod can also be tried 1-2 times a week.

Vegetables serve mainly as a source of fibre. Carrots, cucumber or courgettes are often accepted by cats, especially finely grated or pureed. Baby jars with pure vegetables are also a good option.

For palatability, you can add a small amount of oil or fat of your choice if it is well tolerated. Butter or lard, for example, are good choices. One teaspoon of oil or fat corresponds to approx. 3-5 g.

If this feeding is maintained permanently, a mineral powder, e.g. Vitamin Optimix Feline, is added to the self-prepared ration to supplement the missing minerals and vitamins. In this way, all the required nutrients are supplemented as needed.

Calcium carbonate ensures the optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio in this recipe.

This ration can be supplemented with a salmon oil capsule once a week for the extra omega-3 fatty acids.

low-fat recipe suggestion for cats (daily amounts in grams):


lean meat (raw weight)

vegetables, grated


Vitamin Optimix Feline*


2,5 - 3,5

120 - 150

ca. 20

0,5 - 1,0

0,6 - 0,8

0,3 - 0,4

4,0 - 4,5

160 - 175

ca. 25

1,0 - 1,1

0,8 - 0,9

0,4 - 0,5

5 - 6

190 - 215

ca. 25

1,2 - 1,3

1,0 - 1,1

0,5 - 0,6

7 - 8

235 - 260

ca. 30

1,5 - 1,6

1,2 - 1,3

0,6 - 0,7

*one measuring spoon (leveled) corresponds to approx. 1,0 g

We hope you enjoy feeding! If you have any questions or would like to make an individual change to the recipe, please do not hesitate to contact us! Please note that questions by phone and email are chargeable after consultation.


image credits:, 173149065, © v777999

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