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minerals and vitamins for BARFing

The supplementation possibilities of nutrients in a BARF feeding for adult dogs are numerous. No matter which variant you choose, it is important that the daily feeding plan provides the dog with all the required nutrients in the appropriate amount. With a little know-how, you can easily create a feeding plan for your darling that meets these needs. Our overview of the different variants of nutrient supplementation in BARF rations should make your choice easier.

BARF stands for "bone-and-raw-feeding" or also renamed to "biologically species-appropriate raw food" and its the goal to offer the dog a natural feeding. The basis of this feeding is meat, offal, bones, vegetables/fruit and oils. The missing nutrients (bulk and trace elements and vitamins) can be added, for example, through natural individual supplements. This is the most complex type of raw feeding, because it requires 7-10 other supplements in addition to the basic components. If one wants to make feeding easier, the appropriate nutrients can be supplemented via complete mineral-vitamin powders. Depending on the product, bones can be fed or omitted. Mixed forms of the mentioned variants are also possible. In this case, for example, a mineral powder with a certain proportion of nutrients is used and the missing ones are supplemented via natural additives. 

BARF feeding with individual supplements:

If one decides to complete the BARF feeding with natural supplements, the different nutrients have to be supplemented, which are still missing in the food bowl, specifically by individual feed. For example, one uses algae lime to balance the calcium-phosphorus ratio, seaweed meal for the iodine supply, blood meal for the iron supply, wheat germ oil for Vitamin E and cod liver oil for the supply of vitamins A and D. Goose, sheep or game liver provides copper, oatmeal ensures manganese supply and brewer's yeast and offal contain vitamins of the B-complex. Such feeding should be calculated, as the necessary amounts of the individual additives depend on the energy requirements of the animal. We will be happy to help you and create a BARF ration with individual supplements according to these needs through our individual nutritional advice.

BARF feeding with mineral vitamin supplements:

You can supplement the missing nutrients easier and faster via a mineral powder. A complete mineral vitamin powder for BARF feeding without bones should contain bulk elements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium), trace elements (iron, copper, iodine, zinc, manganese) as well as fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E) and water-soluble vitamins (B-complex). The nutrient content of such a powder should be formulated in such a way that, together with the nutrients contained in the feed, they achieve a supply that meets the needs of the animal.

Over the years, we at Futtermedicus have developed various feed supplements for self-prepared feeding of dogs and cats of different ages and certain health conditions. With the following chart we would like to give you an overview of our products that are designed for BARFing for the adult healthy dog:

What is the difference between Vitamin Optimix BARF plus Calcium & Vitamin Optimix Cooking?

The composition of both products is identical, the big difference is in the feeding plans of the two mineral vitamin powders. With Vitamin Optimix Cooking, you will find cooked carbohydrates in addition to meat, vegetables, possibly dairy products, oils & treats in the recipes so that the feeding plan becomes a classic cooking recipe.

With Vitamin Optimix Barf plus Calcium, on the other hand, the plans are based only on the classic "BARF components" of meat (& offal if applicable), possibly dairy products, vegetables, oils & treats.

The nutrient differences between these feeding plans are so small that the same mineral powder fits both variants. However, the differences in the product names will make it easier for you to select the appropriate powder. Another advantage is that for one product (whether Vitamin Optimix Cooking or Barf plus Calcium) you have the choice between two different feed plans and can alternate if necessary - without having to buy a different product.

You can give raw or cooked meat with either product. Cooking the meat only changes the protein structure with hardly any nutrients lost, therefore any germs that may be present are killed. This makes the meat more digestible for sensitive animals.


For each of our mineral powders you will find free standard feeding plans on our homepage under the tab "feeding". If you wish an adaptation of this, e.g. because certain components are not tolerated or your animal needs different amounts of food due to a very high or very low energy requirement, please contact us by e-mail (


Do you own a puppy or a young dog and would like to offer them BARF feeding? Then take a look at our recipe world. There you will find feeding plans for BARFing growing dogs with our Vitamin Optimix Puppy & Junior and Vitamin Optimix Family.


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